1. She’s now supplying HIM with weed.

  2. Weeblo

    What’s Snoop doing with macaulay culkin?

  3. Cock Dr

    Growers of American celebrate this pairing.

  4. Vetting actresses for his next film?

  5. Just another white girl doing duck lips….

  6. Jill Ess

    Where she’s headed, she doesn’t need pants.

  7. “Christ, I hate it when it’s my turn to babysit the Biebs.”

  8. It’s not a good look to hang out with pantsless 12 year old boys, snoop.

  9. cc

    The new wave of idiocy…people taking pics of you while you take stupid ‘selfies’ to post on Instagram (or Snapchat….whatever the fuck that is). NOTE: it might be tolerable if you are Ireland Baldwin’s ass.

  10. She’s got shit tons of money, dumb as a stump, doesn’t like wearing pants, most likely always has a stash of primo weed, nice tits and a tight young body – we hate her why now?

  11. Deacon Jones

    Jesus, give your poor old man a break….this is like kicking a dog when its down

  12. I think we really should have all seen this coming.

  13. Cletus

    I thought he called himself Snoop Lion these days.

  14. Tiggles

    “Here Miley, just smoke this weed until Lindsay, Farrah, Amanda, and James Deen show up for the shoot.”

  15. Nibbles

    “Chinney McGee” with Snoop Lion, c’mon fish, step your game up homey!

  16. “I”m not sure I’m comfortable standing next to someone who’s so well known for advocating and doing insane amounts of drugs. I’ve got my fans to think about.”

    “Oh, don’t be such a pussy, Snoop…I’m Hannah Montana for Chrisake!”

  17. MoreFire

    She is actually featured on a song on his new “reggae” album.

  18. PJ Bandit

    Once saw a video on YouTube where Billy Ray was saying he always tried to spend time with his kids. To which Miley let out a sarcastic ‘Yeah right’. That explains this picture among other things.

  19. Both are banned from Disneyland.

  20. Andie

    Why does this girl never seem to have pants on?

  21. soruff

    Billy Ray where the f@#k are you??!!!

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