1. “Yeah, I hear you Mike-D… We’re not down with the southern lovin’ either…”

  2. Fred Fart

    Drake, at a very young age, was given oral sex advice from a master.

  3. That’s how he became a master of vagina murdering. Amanda Bynes knew what she was talking about.

  4. “That’s right kid don’t stick your tongue in were it doesn’t belong.”

  5. malaka

    isn’t he a bit old for the make a wish foundation?

  6. coljack

    “Absolutely no chance this kid develops throat cancer.”

    “What’s that, Mr. Douglas?”

    “I said I’m very proud of you – you’re doing a great thing, kid.”

  7. “We’re here to congratulate this young man on his internship with Bryan Singer.”

  8. Mike Hockhurtz

    Why does the black dude behind Alfred E. Newman have a white hand?

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