1. “Nope, this close-up pic just won’t do… Going to have to get an areal view again if I want to re-capture the magic…

  2. Oh, the symbolism.

  3. “Hmm, so this is a ‘car’, huh? And you say most men use them for “compensation”? What’s that about?”

  4. Juch

    “Dammit, better button this jacket before my penis slides down into my pants again and moose knuckles the camera.”

  5. “My Hammbone is not pleased”

  6. Ruckus

    The guy behind him is sad because he can’t have any hamm during passover.

  7. malaka

    to the penis-mobile!

  8. “Objects in mirror may be larger than they appear.”

  9. Me too

    You call that a dick?

  10. Fine, everyone gather ’round i’ll whip it out

  11. CK

    But can the car handle HIS stick?

  12. I wear women's shoes

    Look of pain because he just accidentally stepped on his penis.

  13. tlmck

    If he could do a passable Britich accent, he would make an awesome James Bond.

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