1. “J Law doesn’t know about the Single White Female remake yet, right? I want it to be a surprise!”

  2. So Miley is out of the hospital?

  3. The body is on point as usual. That haircut needs to go.

  4. She might just have a part in the next X-Men movie.

  5. Tom

    The 1980s called, they want to do you.

  6. Still hot enough with a rocking body that that haircut is passable. She is single, no kids and lives in snow free LA, why exactly does she need a giant SUV again?

  7. I guess she didn’t learn her lesson at Halloween if she’s running around in lesbianface now.

  8. coljack

    That thing that happened to Miley’s hair, it turns out it’s a disease and it’s spreading. First J-Law, now J-Ho. Run, ScarJo, run.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    Hon? Even if you look like a boy, he isn’t going to want you back.

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