1. I’ve never felt so negatively about someone that just seeing their picture could fill me with such rage and hatred, until this fucking guy.

  2. He’s such a cunt.

  3. The Curse of the Hammer Pants will destroy him!

  4. Leather pants…that don’t fit, and a douchebag scarf, but not just any douchebag scarf, one that looks like a Bloods bandana. If the Bloods have any self respect and still want to be taken seriously as a gang, they need to do a drive-by on this asshole ASAP.

  5. JimBB

    He’s been crying ever since his driver accidentally called him “white.”

  6. Swearin

    Are the Crips still operating in Los Angeles? Can we arrange a meeting for him, dressed just like this?

  7. You can tell someone’s rich when they can afford leather diapers.

  8. malaka

    remember how anticlimactic it was when king joffrey finally got knocked off and you could almost feel sorry for him??
    yea.. not sure that’s a perfect analogy, but this is just getting sad at this point.

  9. MarketingMike

    Compared to Bieber, Joffrey was a pretty decent guy.
    The end is near and pleather pants won’t save him.

  10. In my neck of the woods that is called a punk.

  11. Gee, the Baby Gap is getting pretty edgy.

  12. I am getting so tired of looking at “shit in his diapers”, someone please edge him out with a escalade , a school bus, what ever you can get.

  13. Kurt Loder Diaper

    Stop. Hammer time.

  14. JungleRed

    Did he get the OK from Will I am to sport those pants? ‘Cause those pants are sort his thing.

  15. Straight outta Ontario
    Crazy motherfucker fucka named Bieber
    From a gang called Canadians with Attitudes
    When I bump you, I say excuse me
    When I want shit, I say please
    If you fuck with me, mounties will have to come protect me
    Niggas (it’s ok I have black friends) mumble, want to rumble
    Mix em up put em in a pot like poutine.

  16. alan Alda's Nutsack

    Hey Beiber. Newsflash. YOU’RE WHITE!!!

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