1. Do I really need to tell you which lumpy sack of cheese curds this is on the set of her colostomy bag of a television show she created?

  2. Waanc

    She looks like a cow. A robotic one.

  3. Waanc

    Her nose job where she shortened it made a huge gap between her lips and nose wtf!! and that forehead is ugly

    • MoreMariaNow!!

      Its so she can suck more dick!! LOL

    • exactly, and she blotted out her nasolabial folds with filler which makes the contrast you point out even starker. The ugly forehead is due to her hairline, it is very unnatural looking no doubt due to some asinine procedure she had. In sum, she had a very pretty face (is that the correct phrase for fat girls?) and destroyed it hence the fake jugs hanging out for distraction.

  4. These are the photos that remind me to always repeat the mantra, “It’s just a good angle. It’s just a good angle.”


      • Coco is a million times better than Kim. Coco is a legitimate model. Kim K got peed on, pretended she didn’t release her own sex tape, her and her family of succubi have been infesting TV screens for years now.

        Coco has been married to one man for many years. Kim’s previous marriage lasted as long as it took her check from E! to clear. Kim is a consummate liar and will say and do anything for money. Need I go on? I’ll take Coco anyday of the week before I even consider Kim. Fuck Kim and her whole family.

      • malaka

        i’d have an orgy with lena dunham, joan rivers,
        betty white, louis ck and john c reily before i’d willingly climb aboard that piece of livestock.

      • Coco has fire in her belly, or is that in her ass? Anyways, Coco is charming and has a husband who admires and loves her. Kim is a pathetic loser who lies and lacks even a modicum of dignity. Coco all the way.

  5. George P. Burdell

    Why doesn’t Homeland Security do its job and lock the doors when she leaves the country?

  6. Doesn’t she have a baby some where?

  7. Ralph

    Uggah! /the Princess of Darkness.

  8. It’s gotta sting that mom married you off and then put you out to pasture so she could focus on exploiting your barely legal sisters.

  9. Nobody Said

    Whoa, I totally thought that was Audrey Hepburn at first.

  10. Julia

    Does she deliberately try to make herself ugly, or is it just natural?

    • She thinks she’s making herself “prettier” but for that she’d have to be reborn

    • GreatGramma Kardassin

      Sadly kim believes all her photo shopping is real the cow is delusional never bonded with her baby, is in a fake relationship, and lives a superficial existence.
      Her mother is a whore and she has become one in a bigger way.

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