1. Cock Dr

    The Dufster is now very blonde and notably over-accessorized.

  2. joe

    Motherhood has been kind to her.

  3. raekwon

    god to the damn

  4. She fills those Mom jeans nicely.

  5. Wow. She is bringing the heat these days.

  6. Wow, she’s hotter than ever

  7. She’s gotta stay trim as TVLand has just picked up her new series for the fall:

  8. Would not mind being Duffman right now.

  9. Looks as if she could not decide which necklace to wear. Sod it, wear all of them.

    Soon be time for a bikini clad summer holiday.

  10. She’s average, if she wasn’t a celebrity, I doubt there’d be this much fuss.

  11. MarketingMike

    I don’t know that I’d want to marry her…
    But I’d love to propose to her 3 nights a week.

  12. goodwolfe21

    There is definitely something about Hilary …..though she did seem to go a little overboard on the necklaces…

    ..btw, any chance of changing that damn Seth Rogan/James Franco “Kimye tribute” video…the first hundred times were ok, but I’m starting to hate it more than the original…and that’s something!..

  13. Beekoz Itzseeman Ucee

    The one thing she’s missing is the pearl necklace. I guess they’re not fully reconciled yet.

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