1. Cock Dr

    I like that she makes him sit in the back seat.

  2. “Are you thinking about getting some of this tonight? You better not be!”

  3. meeps!

    Shit, she knows…

  4. Smapdi

    Johnson’s expression is like “Who the hell is the hot blonde in the front seat?”

  5. The look of true love. At least we know what part of her weight loss regimen is, cocaine.

  6. Looks like she keeps her junk in the backseat.

  7. Swearin

    She’s going to eat him, isn’t she? In a non-sexual way.

  8. malaka

    its alright blondie. i know he looks a bit weird but i hear that bonaduce is a real nice guy.

  9. oldfool

    Chateau Marmont? THAT explains the weight loss.

  10. Derp

    “Seriously, not joking now…is it tuna or chicken?”

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