1. Hugh Gentry

    that’s one ugly dude.

  2. The Critical Crassness

    The Chinectomy has helped some, but she still has a man’s face……..Bruce Willis’ to be specific.

  3. Tiff

    It’s as if someone took the most unflattering and incompatible features of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis face and assembled them together in one big..oh wait..

  4. shawnb89

    Put some shingles on that thing and the dog could live in it.

  5. It had to be said

    Didn’t this dude get married on Johnny Carson or something?

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Breaking News! Chihuahua stranded on Easter Island.

  7. By the power of contrast; there before you sits the worlds sexiest Chihuahua….

  8. If I were this chick, I would shoot myself in the face… Not like she could miss.

  9. GeneralEmergency

    DNA is a Bitch, huh?

  10. She really should give up on the fashion thing and focus on her true calling. College level volleyball.

  11. Bucky Barnes

    Rumer is in talks to head the cast of a new primetime soap, “The Chin Dynasty.”

  12. T1

    I really don’t think she’s unattractive. You people must see yourselves as pretty great looking am I right?

  13. ugh...

    For a minute there I though it was the dude from Mask… Not Eric Stoltz, the guy it was based on.

  14. Double D

    She has her mother’s height and great ass. Unfortunately, she has her father’s face and penis.

  15. girl626

    Doesn’t anyone else think she looks like the chick from the 5th Element… ironic? I think not.

  16. Charmless Man

    I think the phrase is, “Lantern Jawed”

  17. She made the 50 Most Beautiful People list from People magazine in 2008. I can only assume that in 2008 we all had extremely low standards or money exchanged hands at some point.

  18. That’s one ugly bitch. I’m just gonna leave that there.

  19. The trench coat must be to hide the HUGE steak they had to tie around her neck to get the dog to play with her.

  20. Dog and a bitch.

  21. Beatnik

    If someone said to you, “Tori Spelling and Carrot Top had a baby and this is it” you’d believe it. But Bruce Willis and Demi Moore? They really should have been able to do better.

  22. “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

  23. SuperT

    If you clean and shave a GEICO caveman, this is the result.

  24. Her mother either signed a deal with the devil or was cursed by a gypsy.

  25. Ed

    Hmm, Bruce Willis is going drag for his latest movie?

  26. Marley B.

    Remember the “Ballchinian Aliens” from “Men in Black”.

  27. monster

    “Giggity goo!”

  28. Deacon Jones

    “Not by the pink hair on my chinny chin CHIN!”

  29. cc

    That red hair makes her look even more fetching then usual…fetching a bone.

  30. DKNY

    “Yo quiero Taco B… woah, bitch! What the hell happened to your face?!”

  31. Tiff

    ‘And The Most Awkward Face Shape of the Year award goes to…’

  32. Carrot Top got botox

  33. Famous parents + nice rack = job in movies.

  34. Cock Dr

    So the hennaed hatchet faced harlot look is in this spring?

  35. Mrs Potato Head comes with a dog now?

  36. I understand wanting to change things up, but Weird Al should ditch the hair dye and grow that mustache in the rest of the way.

  37. It’s like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore took their combined sex appeal, put it in a sack, and just tossed it off a bridge before they whipped her up.

  38. Steelerchick

    chin chin ya’lll !!!

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