1. Hugh Gentry

    her ass must look insane naked. I’d still lead the search team for her asshole.

  2. The Critical Crassness

    Good get the obligatory Kardahsian post put of the way right at the beginning.
    They must have paid their website bill.

  3. hmna

    I didn’t know that Spanx had a steel-reinforced version.

    • cc

      Sigh, they use carbon nanorods. In fact, she’s the reason they invented them. Thank God I am here to clear these things up. Back to designing the next generation predator drone.

  4. GeneralEmergency

    Oh lord.

    Please don’t use any word like “spanks” in reference to “Kim, The Kiloton Keester Kardashian”.

    The mind immediately imagines a disciplinary hand coming down for a firm rebuke, only to get lost in a muffled, undulating Bounce-House of Fem-Fat.


  5. ugh...

    fucking pig.

  6. Charmless Man

    Those aren’t Spanx. Those are asbestos heat guards to keep her massive thighs from reaching flash point.

  7. Three people behind her marveling at the asphalt damage her ass-jacks (feet) are leaving in her wake.

  8. Jenny with a Y

    “Now, if you follow me and look to your right, you’ll see the corner where I let that homeless guy pee on me! How was I to know he wasn’t famous? It’s not like Chole’s going to keep this gravy train going, people! Moving on…”

  9. This is just before her Spanx snapped and blew super-reinforced fabric all over the city.

  10. mangezmangez

    I’m actually really surprised those Spanx didn’t explode as she lifted her leg up to the curb.

  11. Marley B.

    That’s not a Spanx or girdle…it’s a cootchie support to hold it up as it’s probably hanging down like “sleeve of wizard” from over-use.

  12. adolf hitler

    gotta cover up the cellulite

  13. Ismoss

    Whats funny is her thinking something like that would work.

  14. Little known fact: when Kim opens a package of pantihose, it sighs.

  15. j/k

    WTH! New Jersey must be a trash magnet.

  16. If she’s wearing spanx, that can only mean that the the pressure vessel is cracked and the pop-off valve has failed. Evacuate Los Angeles!

  17. TwoDickSally

    When she removes those Spanx its like that one scene in Flubber only waaaaaaaaaay more dramatic and dangerous

  18. Like so many in Hollywood these days, great looking from the waist up.

  19. lola

    Boring. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. Kim's butthole

    drinking all that black guy gizz really packs on the pounds…it has more calories tham other types of gizz…scientific fact!

  21. Is it Spanx or what holds her prosthetic ass on?

  22. ngames74

    Prostitution whore

  23. Mark R

    I’m so tired of this vapid whore and the rest of her useless family.

  24. a normal girl

    knowing that even celebrities and someone as hot as kim kardashin wears spanx makes me feel better. no one is perfect!


    its a normal thing! u go girl! eff u hater’s, you wish she would tap you.

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