1. Hugh Gentry

    Fergie, I have an 8-inch tongue and can breathe through my ears. Call me.

  2. The Critical Crassness

    Fergie definitely has the female impersonator thing down…(s)he looks almost feminine in this photo.

  3. sparkymcgee

    I bet she tucks her clit.

  4. Apparently “Beauty Detox” works. Fergie has had all of it removed.

  5. ayo

    Someone has to make Rumer Willis feel pretty.

  6. ugh...

    My eyes!! They burn!!

  7. TomFrank

    Lisa Rinna’s looking good again—*looks at the caption*—awwwww…

  8. looks like she’s melting

  9. Kathy

    Dude looks like a lady

  10. Charmless Man

    Any time I think she might be hot, I remember the time she peed her pants on stage.

  11. Jenny with a Y

    “Did the duct tape just fail? Oh, please tell me the duct tape did not just fail…”

  12. So she’s championing the heliocentric theory of breast movement?

  13. Is this a casting call for RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  14. castallare

    Carmen Electra does a fairly decent Fergie impersonation.

  15. Fergie’s always preferred dresses to pants. This way she doesn’t have to tuck.

  16. Marley B.

    Yay! Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is now featuring Fergie!

  17. shannon

    New from Mattel: Grandma Bondage Barbie! Coming soon to a Walmart near you!

  18. Katie

    Is the idea of this “Beauty Detox” to remove any trace of beauty? If so, mission accomplished.

  19. Zombie Kitty

    Madonna watch out! The next dude-faced skeletor chick is hot on your heels!

  20. Kim's butthole

    Nothing is hotter than a chick with the arms of a 14 year old boy who is trying to get ripped…and a cock, of course!

  21. Hot. Tranny hot.

  22. fake fonk

    “Wait…wha… it’s not the Beauty Botox party?”

  23. DonDopey

    I barely recognized her with a dry crotch.

  24. “The Beauty Detox Solution?” I would have guessed “Ze Beauty Detox Final Solution.”

  25. Dick

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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