1. The Critical Crassness

    Funny, he looked better in the Easter Bunny pajamas…here he just looks creepy!

  2. duder

    He has such purdy blue eyes, I’m glad he never shot one of them out.

  3. Steve

    Wow jonathan lipnicki got old fast…

  4. Hola

    Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!

  5. “go on…tell me more about my eyes….” (blink blink)

  6. I don’t know who he is, but he smiles like someone who thinks highly of himself

  7. I liked Garth’s hair longer….

    “Benjamin is nobody’s friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he’d be pralines and dick.” Garth Algar

  8. me

    This guy made a porn!! true story. Superficial should find it and post it.

    • Jackie

      No he didn’t. It was the actor who played Flick (the kid who got his tongue stuck to the pole) who became a porn actor. His name is Scott Schwartz. Look it up.

  9. Frankie Muniz aimed his time machine in the wrong direction.

  10. R. Hawk

    He looks like a guy waiting to park a panel van next to the playground.

  11. ChonchArcola

    Ralphie did not make a was the kid that stuck his tongue to the flagpole(can’t remember his name).

  12. castallare

    Bradley Cooper + 1 Chromosome = The Above

  13. Marley B.

    I have no idea who this is…is he an A-lister?

  14. Jovy

    “Hoooo, hoooo, HOOOOO!”

  15. fooey

    He still looks the same!!

  16. cc

    Would I punch him in the face? Sure I would.

  17. Got it

    Aww-gee whiz!

  18. Devo

    Poor Peter Billingsley… No one informed him that drug abuse is the only way for child stars to remain relevant.

  19. Jan K.

    Those look like the fake glasses you would wear when you want to nap at jury duty.

  20. Not a bad eulogy for an actor…starred in one of the best holiday movies ever.

  21. slappy magoo

    He’s asspals with Jon Favreau & Vince Vaughn. He produces/co-produces/executive produces some of their movies including Iron Man. He also directed Couples Retreat. Taste aside, he’s no Ron Howard, but he’s no Corey Haim either.

  22. shandanger

    rick moranis is looking dashing these days.

  23. Manowl

    What if… Russell Crowe OD’d on Prozac?

  24. Glenn Beck’s stunt double.

  25. bitingontinfoil

    Helping his dad change a tire…

    “Awwww Fuuuuuuuuu………..!”

    “Only I didn’t say “Fudge.” I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the “F-dash-dash-dash” word! ”

    It was all over – I was dead. What would it be? The guillotine? Hanging? The chair? The rack? The Chinese water torture? Hmmph. Mere child’s play compared to what surely awaited me.

    I’ve watched this movie EVERY FREAKIN year since it’sbeen on. Don’t fuck with Ralphie, man!

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