1. Cock Dr

    Needs Hair Club 4 Men ASAP

  2. “Call me tiny-dick ONE MORE TIME!!!”

  3. EricLr

    And…and…I’m going to be SOMEBODY one day! And people are going to look up to me! You hear me?!? You hear me, mom?!?!? A SOMEBODY!!!

  4. Now Billy – Billy, don’t you lose my number! Cause you’re not anywhere that I can find you…

  5. Just_As_it_IS

    “See this van? You’re next!”

  6. Black.And.White.Minstrel

    Just go in to your barber and ask for the Rhino

  7. “Come on in, sit right down, Jude Law’s gonna tell you a joke!”

  8. dooood

    evil evil monkey!!

  9. He’s crushing your head.

  10. COMING SOON: Jude Law….. in…..

    The Mel Gibson Story

  11. Wankelrotor violator

    Dude, don’t even come over here. I had broccoli and sausage for lunch and bad things are starting to happen…

  12. rosa

    ”this kid ain’t mine !”

  13. Now see here, my good man, I’m going to have to ask you politely just one more time, and then I will be forced to get down and go funky on your ass. Eh what?

  14. “My finger is NOT loaded with blanks, so you need to back off…”

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