1. Kim K just gave her a disapproving microphone look…

  2. Johnny P!

    So, Jessie… what did you think of Fassbender in ‘Shameless’?

  3. Deacon Jones

    Oh, fuck me, is this supposed to be the Katy perry of 2012 or something now?

    Music is dead. It’s been ass raped and kicked to the curb.

  4. Dick Hell

    You gotta admit, her impression of Paula Poundstone wearing a red faux leopard bodysuit and holding a microphone like it’s a weenie is spot on.

  5. I think she was also expecting a duet with Taylor Momsen.

  6. Black.And.White.Minstrel

    Is this available with subtleties?

  7. Mama Pinkus


  8. K-Tron

    The awkward moment when you realize you’ve just killed the last of the endangered Tibetan Gay Leopards in existence for the sake of fashion.

  9. Grand Poobah

    obviously a little bit of penis-envy going on here!

  10. Grand Poobah

    she looks like a human version of a bad acid trip………

  11. Crissy

    I so thought this was the chick from Glee! what’s her name again?

  12. “Wait, I’m supposed to ‘tuck’ it where?”

  13. “So, anyone want to hear my vagina monologues? No? Well…hmmm…guess I should have had a backup act! This is awkward.”

  14. jeffiner

    she did the song on the monopoly electronic banking game commercial.

  15. Frank Burns

    “Uhm, I thought this thing was supposed to have strap.”

  16. “How long do I have to keep stroking it until it squirts milk or whatever?”

  17. John

    Who the fuck is Jesse J?

  18. El Jefe

    I guess she figures if she holds it there long enough a Kardashian will show up.

  19. I know I’m going to get reamed for this, but as far as musical talent goes, Jessie J is actually pretty decent. She can actually sing, is an accomplished songwriter… it’s a damn shame every time she shows up on this site, she’s looking as goofy as humanly possible.

    Fire at will.

    • I YouTubed and googled her and she doesn’t look too bad either.

  20. Rock Star lesson #1: Never hold the microphone close enough to pick up a queef.

  21. Grand Poobah

    I think she just farted and its caught in her bodysuit

  22. Wankelrotor violator

    Sweetheart, you’re overdoing it. The commercial is for Beano, not “Oops, I crapped my pants!”

  23. journalschism

    Lazy ass Superficial.

  24. tlmck

    “Instead of singing, you want me to do what with this microphone?”

  25. fartbucket

    I’m supposed to put the microphone WHERE?

  26. Minaj


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