1. ksmack

    Man? Woman? Man-woman?

  2. Hmm

    It’s a new species. Way-man.

  3. meeps!

    More like Oblivious…

  4. GLT

    Are those adamantium nipples?

  5. CrashHell

    Wayans?! There’s more of them???!!!

  6. What am I looking at?

  7. My boner is twisted around backwards, looking up at me and making the “WTF?” face. I don’t know little dude, I just don’t know.

  8. tlmck

    The Wayans brother the family does not talk about.

  9. Skippy86

    They must be those new mini satellite dishes

  10. The Kilted Yaksman

    Keenan’s ex-wife.

  11. I wish I was still oblivious as to what her tits look like.

  12. The Patrica Arquette of the Wayans family.

  13. so white chicks the sequel?

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