1. Where’s his other hand? Oh right.

  2. I didn’t think it was possible to communicate a jock itch with your face but….

  3. pavement_smear

    Looks like somebody has a little captain in him…

  4. Not shown: close of up of fingers from other hand picking lint out of taint pubes.

    I…I just made myself ill.

  5. The paparazzi have learned to beware of a celebrity’s “Sean Penn Face”

  6. “One of you bastards made me marry that fookin’ shrew!”

  7. Did he just smell his own fart?

  8. “Mr. Beckham- how do you feel about your wife taking her implants out?”

  9. Ha ha! I very much appreciate the sequence of photo’s! A Katherine Jenkins photo followed by Beckham photo and the rumoured affair between the two!!! Well played!!

  10. “I think I just sharted a l’il”

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