1. Cow tipping, anyone?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    If anyone is still questioning whether the pregnancy is real, she’s bursting at the seams and has taken to the Jessica Simpson line of pregnancy moo-moo’s.

  3. Nice leg, Kim.

    I feel like I’m looking at a butchered pig on a hook on the Food Network.

  4. ScotlandThe Brave

    Jeep stopped just in time. Another second and there would have been an extensive repair bill.

  5. It is karma to see someone so superficial and narcissistic blow up like this and turn into a fat pig.

  6. Skippy86

    I heard she’s worshiped in India

  7. Llet’s blow the whale up with dynamtie! KABOOM! MOOOO!

  8. Gin&Tonic

    I’ll summarize all the above comments
    : bitch is getting fat(ter)

  9. Look at the size of her tree stumps! Good thing her high beams are on to titillate those of us who are horny, weak-willed, and delusional.

  10. There’s a family hiding in that SUV watching the ripples in a glass of water as she gets closer.

  11. Shouldn’t she be in a china shop somewhere?

  12. Caroline

    Has anyone seen Kanye around recently?

  13. so her calves are giving birth too?

  14. “Uh… ja… ich bin Fünfzig Pfennig…”

  15. That’s a seriously meaty leg.

  16. Nikita Krushchev

    Ah yes…she is turning into the quintessential Armenian godess. All she needs to complete the ensemble is a nice Stalin moustache on her upper lip…

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