1. jorge

    angry Alec is angry

  2. Don't look him in the eyes

    I guess he just saw his daughter’s Instagram pics…

  3. deathbot

    Introducing the seventh Bladwin brother, Stabby!

  4. anonymous

    Damn…some “piggy” is about to get a nasty message on their voicemail.

  5. Jimmy

    Damn it! Why don’t I have anyone to carry my bags.

    • Oh, I always use a Baldwin porter when I travel. So convenient! They always look angry, but they’re really just hard-working and determined. I’ll email you a coupon.

  6. In his defense, if I had to carry two purses, a greeting card, a reusable shopping bag, and saw the comments about my 17 year old daughter’s bikini pics on this by most likely 50 year old men, I’d look exactly like that.

  7. What is wrong with this dude, why is he perpetually angry?

  8. Skippy86

    Thats one determined mother fucker.

  9. Cock Dr

    In cold weather you can warm yourself just by standing beside the heat of his angers.

  10. He may not be angry at all…maybe he’s trying to make it to the men’s room before he poops himself.

  11. June

    No, he’s pissed off because his beautiful daughter is giving freebies on the Internet, and she could be making the big bucks with paid modeling gigs that he most likely won’t let her do because he a mean control freak.

  12. Swearin

    He’s packed and ready to go punch the entire Internet

  13. Isn’t he a billionaire who just married a super hot chick? I’m smiling just from visiting this site!

  14. Does he just hang out in airports all day nowadays?

  15. how many purses can one man carry?

  16. Looks like he’s graduated from Angry Dog Walker to Angry Purse Walker. Congrats, Alec!

  17. Mook

    I will get that blasted Spider-Man if it’s the last thing I do! Parker! I need photos for the front page!

  18. He constantly looks like he’s ready to knock an office building the fuck out.

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