1. Looking at the men from left to right, it’s like one of those evolution charts, but backwards.

  2. January Jone’s condition has degraded to the point that she can only smile when touched by a married man…

  3. Did they just throw that fat dork in there on the end for diversity?

  4. Durdle

    Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch… KICK!

  5. OK, so four unattractive guys can pull in two famehos. Got it.

  6. So wait a minute—“Cocktails and Shopping to benefit the Children’s Defense Fund”? Celebs booze up and waste money to help kids whose lives are shitty because their parents boozed up and wasted money? Is there also an All-You-Can-Eat Pastry Night to benefit Diabetes Research?

  7. Skippy86

    OMG His head is fucking huge!

  8. I can only gather from this picture that there must have been some sort of contest where J.J. Abrams won, Josh Gad came in second, and Conan lost.

  9. Somebody’s pussy is going to be REALLY sore in the morning.

  10. Conan O’Brien is awesome.

  11. Three of those guys are not like the other,
    Three of those guys do not belong,
    Can you tell me which guys are not like the other,
    Now before I finish this song.

  12. Ah, Conan, my comedic Amazon … how I love thee.

  13. At least four people in this picture would bend over immediately at J.J. Abrams’ request.

  14. Mike Walker

    Spot the Jew, Spot the Mick… so many games to play.

  15. Worst Acapella Group Ever.

  16. creemygoodness

    Fuck, Marry, Kill…Marry, Fuck, Kill

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