1. Don't walk away from me

    Since she’s on Syfy, is she Julie Has-Benz now?

  2. Frumpy McCocklesworth


  3. ScotlandThe Brave

    Miss Benz? Miss Menounos would like her ass back.

  4. FattyFatty2X4

    Wish she’d Benz over my erect, wait……..the kids could be reading this.
    “She’s Pretty”

  5. Always had a thing for her…

  6. Techman

    If she was gay she should have married her co-star, Mercedes McNab, who would have then become Mercedez Benz. :D

  7. alex

    Easily the hottest actress in Hollywood for years now. And the sexiest voice too…!

  8. amir

    her ass doesn’t even look real…

  9. Such a cutie…I totally fell for her when she was on Dexter. Looks nice naked, too!

  10. I really really love her.

  11. Damn! Darla’s packing some heat! That an ass to sink your teeth into.

  12. Pete

    I’ll take her over Alessandra Ambrosia Salad anyday.

  13. anonym

    real, or implants?

    must feel to find out.

  14. joebacon

    If you check early pics of her there is no way her ass is real in this pic, she had work done.

  15. Skeeter

    She looks great. I’d like to motorboat her ass and pound her vag.

  16. Is buttorboating a thing yet?

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