1. Her twins are TWENTY DAYS old. I think she and her husband really are Norse deities.

  2. Pickle Nose

    Mmmmmmmmm. Post-pregnancy boobs.

  3. anonymous

    Love the creepier in the window.

  4. Seriously, don’t show that picture to Jessica Simpson – it will sent her straight back to Arby’s.

  5. Eh, not worth it. I heard some guy thor her up….

  6. Ofc. Murphy

    Damn, I’d buy that for a dollar!

  7. Damn I can see why her husband keeps knocking her up.
    I would be hitting that every waking moment and holy does she bounce back to super fucking hot so soon after giving birth….

  8. Wait, WTF, wasn’t she just pregnant?

  9. malaka

    who is she?? no matter..
    i do hope that she makes it more fashionable for chicks to wear suspenders though.

  10. fred

    “Honey, open it! Open the car! Can’t you open it? What? . . . The key? . . . In my purse? Key for what? Just open the door!!!”

  11. Now that’s how you bounce back from a fucking pregnancy.

  12. JO JO

    AND SHE IS 7 YEARS OLDER THAN THOR..hes 30 and shes 37 WOW!!

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