1. On the plus side, at least we’ve discovered that Kate can actually feel shame.

  2. anonymous

    Darth Bitchface

  3. JimBB

    Under this coat is the blood of two girls who won’t be going on The Today Show ever again.

  4. That traffic cone looks better than Kate and an even better personality.

  5. “Paired with Geraldo Rivera! This is so fucking mediocre.”

  6. Cock Dr

    Kate would make a good Medusa. She’s got the eyes for it.

  7. Mic

    And two more reasons never to watch this show.

  8. Dugger

    Seems like a high school reenactment of Kim Kardashian escorting billionaire Richard Lugner to the Vienna Opera.

  9. “And for my next trick, I will make my assistant’s smile disappear. Oops looks like I’ve done that.”

  10. is she trying to send the whole litter of kids to the psych chair all at once? wow.

  11. Mr. Monopoly brings the Old Shoe.
    (I was going to say Community Chest, but we don’t seriously believe there was any breast feeding, do we?).

  12. “They’re creepy and they’re kooky…”

  13. Mr peanut and Kate plus hate.

  14. Geraldo was discovered dead 4 hours later.

  15. Monopoly: Top hat and the iron.

  16. PassingTrue

    Hard to believe that they make Jon Gosselin look like the classy one.

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