1. dontkillthemessenger

    This is the most attractive Miranda has been since she turned lesbo.

  2. JimBB

    So, you going to choke on a surfboard now too?

  3. Cock Dr

    You don’t see ginger moobs on this site very often.

  4. That’s the best hair I’ve ever seen on two surfers. Something isn’t right.

  5. One seriously creepy looking dude.

  6. toopier

    Is this that ugly girl I keep seeing in Target ads?

  7. coljack

    “Shaun, why the stupid grin?”

    “I just saw my good buddy, Daniel Craig!! Yippeee!”

  8. None of his limbs are hooked-on right.

  9. Icehawg

    “Now THIS will finally get me some respect.”

  10. PassingTrue

    Worst mime ever.

  11. I have to give him some credit though. Back when he was white-hot he would come to some national kids’ events for free, and work with the poor kids who had never even SEEN a snowboard. The rich kids who “wintered” in Aspen and were great snowboarders he was nice to, but he worked his butt off trying to help the younger kids just stay up on the board and have fun. He spent hours encouraging them, and their faces just lit up every time he praised an improvement or spent time one-on-one showing little groups the basics, over and over. He was so nice to those kids. He never called the media ahead of time or drew attention later to what he did.

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