1. Patch

    Moments later, he’ll ask them if they want to go out on his boat…

  2. brick

    “No dad, it’s this big; I mean if anyone would know it’s me. Right Mom?”

  3. “Jesus, maybe I should have woken Natalie up after all.”

  4. Will you please shut the fuck up!!!!

  5. Dox

    Is she talking again?

  6. ultra

    let’s see… where did i leave natalie…

  7. Oh, the crap you have to put up with when you are #2.

  8. “This is my dad, Robert Wagner – a self-made millionaire. He’s quite a guy. This is Mrs. W. She’s gorgeous. She’s one lady who knows how to take care of herself. By the way, my name is Courtney, and I take care of both of them, which ain’t easy; ’cause when they got old… it was *murder*!”

  9. Yellow will make it easier for the Coast Guard to recover the body.

  10. Crazy Weasel

    I show it to you once by accident and you’ll never let me live it off!

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He drowned Natalie to get to her? The guy went senile before his time.

  12. Jade

    Ooh this one’s alive!

  13. She’s trying to take a mental picture, but she’s all out of film.

  14. “Look up in the sky daddy…all the fucks I give are about to hit you guys and your loud ass yellow wardrobe!”

  15. He looks like a man who’s about to take his family for a boat ride

  16. PassingTrue

    No I got it, what’s the only wood that doesn’t float?

  17. kravdan

    Does Robert Wagner need to drown a bitch!?

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