1. Cuddles

    Wookie coin purse? Because, you know, it’s not a full wallet… yet.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    The family that toes together hoes together.

  3. “I will smite thee with my camel toe!”

  4. po

    Like that tight little baby camel toe.

  5. I bet Kim will claim that this camel toe will fit her as well.

  6. RayJ

    Nice. But will she let you pee on her?

  7. nom nom nom… wait… how old is she??

  8. Camel toe, face, and likely cigarettes.

  9. “Kendall, I saw a picture of you today with camel toe, and I am so disappointed. Have I taught you nothing?”

    “I’m sorry, Mom, but I was in a hur–”

    “You get your ass back out there and don’t come back until the paparazzi have caught *visible clit bulge*!”

  10. And the whorening has begun… there can be only one!!!!!

  11. j/k

    IT’s Kamel-toe.

  12. Robb7

    Mama wants a group discount for this one’s tit job. Ass injections will come later when she’s front & center.

  13. Bruce wants his outfit back.

  14. I’m going to just toss a new term out there: “Khloe Toe”

  15. Chaz

    The Kardashians…
    Kamel Toe

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    How long before her camel toe becomes a MOOoose toe?

  17. That’s a nice Kamel toe.

  18. PassingTrue

    Look for Marvel’s new villian, “The Toe” on Agents of Shield!

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