1. I heard he and John Travolta go to the same taxidermist…

  2. Its amazing the hairpieces you can find in an old castle.

  3. JimBB

    His remaining real hairs finally worked up the courage to make a run for it.

  4. K-tron

    So I guess he’s plugging a new movie.

  5. Did they screen it on his forehead?

  6. Bane

    Nicholas, your moustache is just a tad too high.

  7. Ghost Rider needs hair plugs.

  8. Who’s more delusional about having an iota of acting ability: this low-life or Stallone?

  9. thecrazybettty

    bad wig. wonder if he borrowed it from beyonce

  10. Swearin

    “I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence…no, wait, I mean a comb and some hair gel. Yeah, that.”

  11. Urbanspaceman

    Can she get an implant that would even out her lop-sided face?

  12. kravdan


  13. I asked the tour guides at the Library of Congress what they hated most about “National Treasure.” A favorite howler: When Nick Cage attends a party at the national Library — illuminated by open vats of leaping flame. “The party hasn’t started in our chamber of priceless, antique documents until we roll the fire pits out,” one noted.

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