1. Eddie

    I can’t shoot webs out of my wrists, but I can shoot webs out of dis spidey dick. Make it tingle!

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Stay tuned for the “Jerry Sandusky escaped” announcement in the next few hours.

  3. anonymous

    I wonder if anyone told the school that clown like to be completely nude when he wears the suit.

  4. JimBB

    “No, I’m not Tobey Maguire. I’m the even gayer one.”

  5. Hey, we could use some more diversity in super heroes…why don’t you take a little sip on some radioactive juice?

  6. cajunhawk

    You can’t fool me Jamie Foxx!!!

  7. “DUCK… DUCK… DUCK… gonna GOOSE this one…”

  8. “No this bulge isn’t where I keep my extra webbing. Please stop poking at it.”

  9. “Tee hee hee, whew, thank God he likes little boys and not little girls like me”

  10. malaka

    i’ll save you, mary jane!

  11. coljack

    “From where I’m sitting, I can see why you ain’t Superman.”

  12. “Hee, hee, hee! Spiderman poked me in the back of my head with his hard finger.”

  13. Swearin

    “I’ve got you now, Electro!”

  14. “hey kid…my eyes are up here”

  15. A young Hannibal Buress meets Spider-Man.

  16. “Of course you cant be Spiderman silly kid. Sometimes Spiderman has to swim”

  17. Effing brilliant.
    When I’m rich and famous, I’m going to send random dudes in masks to visit charities and hospitals on my behalf, and will take all the credit.
    While banging Emma Stone.

  18. OldDirtyPants

    That costume is not movie quality. Kids too stupid to see it. LOL

  19. BlackManUSA

    Goddamn white people…Even Spiderman is above asking “Can I touch your hair?”

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