1. “OH and Megatron! Say hi to your mutha for me!!”

  2. Is this the equivalent of Optimus Prime shoving a rodent up his ass?

  3. “What are we waiting for?…Oh. How much more of the truck does she have to wash?”

  4. 9/11 would never have happened if he and Optimus Prime had been on those planes.

  5. JimBB

    Yo big truck, hows about you a me go to Boston and check out the Sox?

  6. Crazy Weasel

    Never a good omen for a movie when you catch one of the actors applying for a job as a truck driver while filming.

  7. There have been so many needless Transformers movies I can’t even remember if I’ve bitched about this one.

  8. Ronaldo

    They are still shooting scenes on this movie?? It comes out next month. Signs of a bomb!!!

  9. malaka

    so, nobody is gonna make a go-bots movie?

  10. coljack

    Jeopardy Answer: “What did it look like right before Optimus Prime’s spontaneous abortion, Alex?”

  11. PassingTrue

    “Hi, I’m Earl Scheib and I’ll paint any Transformer for $99.95″

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