1. There is no Lindsay. Only Zuul.

  2. Oh, please let this photo be a harbinger of things to come.

  3. You see kids? Coke can animate your body long after most of its basic functions have stopped.
    In a sense, she’s immortal.
    That is, until she can’t blow for coke money any longer…

  4. “You raaaaang….?”

  5. “My Sam Ronson impression? Sure!”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    The face of sobriety.

  7. JimBB

    If there’s going to be someone from The Walking Dead cast at that party, this bitch is dead.

  8. K-tron

    Must… feed… on…. cocAAAAAAAIIIIIIINS


  10. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Illustrated: The part of the Book of Revelation they never told you about.

  11. littletongue


  12. Mister

    A Clockwork Firecrotch

  13. ultra

    looks normal to me.

  14. lady

    A Clockwork Redhead

  15. They’re remaking The Exorcist?

  16. Ali

    Zombie do like dis

  17. Seen here leaving a Vampire Diaries audition, kicked out because she wasn’t sucking necks.

  18. “You know*hic*I was supposed to*hic*be in Epi*hic*sode sevennnn butthenmy agent didn’t*hic*call…..”

  19. malaka

    its like she’s had way too much booze and cocaine.
    or not nearly enough booze and cocaine.
    i forget how it works with her.

  20. i think she aged 5 years in the last month.

  21. Even as a zombie, Lindsay still prefers cocaine to brains.

  22. Your mother’s in here with us, Karras.

  23. Robb7

    Looks like shit!

  24. I am Maleficent.

  25. Wha; what do you want?
    No, stay back. Don’t come near me.
    Stop. Oh God, please someone help me.
    Ahh it hurts! ack no! blrrrgggg

  26. Tonethius

    You know, a lot of people say negative stuff about Lindsay, but she looks pretty damn good for a 47 year old woman. Wait, she’s what? No, that can’t be true. Really? Ok, then forget about what I said before.

  27. Why don’t all you inbred idiots quit fucking with her. Ridiculous.

  28. You can almost smell the salty, bleachy scent of that burp.

  29. buzz

    She’s got the eye of the tiger. ALL dicks were sucked dry on this night.

  30. It will aim its poison at the mongoose’s eyes when it spits.

  31. kravdan

    I am become death, the destroyer of worlds…

  32. This is the best she’s looked in years.

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