1. Cass


  2. free wifi

    Nick Cannon, President.

  3. Deacon Jones

    “….n’ dat, yo Honors, is why ah I have neva filed ma taxes”

  4. Richard McBeef

    So we finally ran out of experts. Awesome. Waiting my turn, Congress.

  5. Dis is how manyz months I gots to live.

  6. More like the caucus to protect neckties from the 1970′s. Sheesh….

  7. prolapsimusmaximus

    Dat tie? let’s take it down a notch from a Full Windsor.

  8. Seriously, that tie is awful. Unfortunately I have a closet full that I inherited from my grandfather and father. I was gonna throw them out but figured they might come in handy if there is a fire; I live on the second floor.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    This is a biggie for me. I think anything you do with children online should be kept private.

  10. EricLr

    He’s the pimp…pimp of the year….

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    My mommy, oops, I meant wife bought me this suit.

  12. “I apologize for Drumline.”

  13. Brought It

    Someone needs to buy him and tell him that the 15 year-old starter stache isn’t doing him any favors.

  14. JC

    But will Rush call him a slut?

  15. Some people will do whatever it takes to get a bigger allowance from their rich wife. I’m looking at you, Eric Johnson.

  16. vlad

    Watch me, Ima ’bout to pass out again for attention

  17. Swearin

    Is he there to protect kids from watching his terrible works?

  18. CK

    “Nick Cannon” and “Congressional bipartisan privacy caucus briefing to protect children’s privacy online” are words that just don’t sound right in the same sentence.

  19. “We’re about to try to hijack the Internets again, but here’s Nick Cannon to distract you. You kids like the Nick Cannon, right?”

  20. Colin

    He’s trying to cover up the fact that he was ever in this:

  21. Bigalkie

    That’s right your honor. I am dead set against children’s privacy. Weeze in talks with Walt Disney to do a 24 hour a day reality show with our kidz. They will invite Beyonce’s adopted child over to play. God Bless America.

  22. George P Burdell

    I am introducing my new 3-3-3 plan.

  23. doogleberg

    ADDRESSING CONGRESS: “Hi, I’m Nick Cannon. You may know me from my hit show “America’s Got Talent”, or from my movies “Drumline”, “Bobby”, or “The Killing R…..Okay, motherfuckers…I hear you laughing back there. You right, okay…I’m Mariah Carey’s fucking husband, and you know what? I’m fucking her and you ain’t…how ya like me now? Why are you laughing even harder now? ‘Cause she’s fat? She ain’t fat, bitch…it’s glandular. And she got asthma, dawg, so she can’t exercise and can’t exercise cause she got asthma, yo. Now ya gone an’ done it, I’m out. These kids can protect they own privacy.”

  24. Buddy the Elf

    I hate this guy.

  25. Guest

    His kids have their own website! How is he speaking up for internet privacy?

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