1. Biff

    Is that his little pecker sticking out of his fly?

  2. Candy

    No, there’s no more room in the van Mister.

  3. Dutch

    How dare you compare Jason Segel to Chris Brown! Chris Brown is a violent abuser of women, and Jason Segel is a talented puppete . . . wait, no, you were right.

  4. Is this the part where he gives everyone “The Dating Game” kiss?

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “I was in Miss Piggy up to there!”

  6. EricLr

    He’s actually the valet.

  7. Excellent Count Dracula impersonation.

  8. Segel, Who’s Known to Fuck Muppets

  9. vlad

    Jason walks into the premiere of his latest movie with his arm around his imaginary date

  10. How many fucking people are in this thing? And what is this thing?

  11. On a brighter note, who is the hot ginger on the right?

  12. Mike — SLC Punk.

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