1. Deacon Jones

    Thus effectively sealing the deal on the term ” ****** rich”

  2. TooObvious

    Black or blue?

  3. El Jefe

    This picture makes me smile knowing that 5 years from now he will be dead broke, with an IRS lien of about $5 million for unpaid taxes and god knows what else.

  4. “Damn, they all got female faces dented into them.”

  5. Raoul

    “Now let me think: which one’s got the blood stains inside? Oh, right! ALL of them!”

  6. sc4play

    Ass sphincter says what??

  7. Star Droppings

    Why is he looking at the yellow one that way? Did it peep his phone?

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Every day Chris asked “What colour today?” …and every day the mirror answered “Still black, you bastard”

  9. Steelerchick

    Yep he’s a dick!!

  10. “Which flavor of Ramen today?”
    - Chris Brown in 10 years

  11. Dude of Dudes

    Fucking Instagram. Not even applied properly.

  12. EricLr

    10 years from now a very similar picture will be titled “Highlights of Chris Brown Bankruptcy Auction”

  13. unimpressed

    Guess which one I beat the shit out of Rihanna in? C’mooooon!

  14. dontkillthemessenger

    The best thing I can say about him is I’d rather be him than Snooki.

  15. tim

    I’d much rather be snooki… 1,000,000,000 times as much class as that waste of DNA.

  16. Have I beat the shit out of a girl in the yellow one? No. The yellow one it is then.

  17. chingy


  18. The Pope

    He may have better cars than me, but I have a better camera.

  19. -.-

    they aren’t his whips, not one of em. not to say that he couldn’t afford them.

  20. Jill

    They all look either red or orange to me. Not like I have four cars to choose from, but his little comment made it sound like he had a freaking rainbow of cars to choose from. That’s be too obvious though.

  21. Glad to see he’s investing well.

  22. josh

    Well when he hit rihanna he was in a rented lamborghini. So unless it was rented due to him being somewhere he doesnt live, he really doesnt have the money for all those cars.

  23. nick

    What a tasteless cunt.

  24. Problem?

    Look at all of my undeserved wealth!

    Oh wait, my bad, he got a Grammy. That was the ultimate fuck off to his haters or something, wasn’t it? God I want to see someone beat the snot out of this pompous ass brat.

  25. Chris

    am I the only one who has the overwhelming urge to drive a bulldozer right over everything in this picture???!!

  26. baked

    Seriously, how vain and pathetic does one have to be to stand in front of the multiple cars they own and ASK SOMEONE TO TAKE THEIR PICTURE TO TWEET IT, in order to show “how great they are” and “how much money they have.” It’s actually kind of sad, in “Oh gee, you really have no idea how to be a ‘star’” kind of way…

  27. The Brown Streak

    This gives me a new idea for a video game/reality series: Carmegeddon: Chris Brown edition.

  28. CK

    wow, he can smash a bitch’s head in every day of the week.

  29. Dashwood

    “Which color goes best with douche?”

  30. Always compensating for something.

    In his case it would be intelligence and personality.

    And talent.

    And bruiseless knuckles.

  31. tlmck

    Where’s a good suicide bomber when you need them?

  32. Nancy Drew

    That photo is so yellow I feel like I’m watching an episode of CSI Miami.

  33. Mike

    He rented the cars, took the picture and they were on their way back by the time he posted the pic. Oldest trick in the celeb book.

  34. Like Chris, I too have a Lamborghini for every punch I’ve landed on a girl’s face.

    Unlike Chris, my total number of Lamborghinis is zero.

  35. George P Burdell

    Jennifer Love-Hewitt must be close. Her vajazzle is messing up the color saturation in this picture.

  36. Call It What It Is

    First instagram next will be Instapaper for the hip kid, paper with words and pictures on it that relay news of our time.

  37. MrsWrong

    Oh look, another Fast and the Furious. Just like the movies, no one is interested

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