1. Female empowerment!

    • If by female empowerment you mean showing everyone her hooha, being married to a man who refers to women as bitches and making light of the fact that Ike beat the shit out of Tina, then sure.

      • Apparently someone took a dump in this woman’s Cobb Salad. Tread lightly, girlfriend. A few of the denizens herein have been known to bite, leaving serious physical damage, with very little provocation.

  2. what is the precise possibility that Beyonce is now more animatronic machine than flesh-and-blood boner producer?

  3. Does Joel Schumacher direct this thing?

  4. Jade

    Is her music so bad that she has to sell her body? I don’t think I’ve ever seen concert pics of her not in some kind of lingerie-looking stuff.

  5. Gnome Zane

    If you had future-vision like Kurt Cobain…you’d kill yourself too.

  6. donkeylicks

    There’s a penis joke in here some where. Come on Fish, eyes on you!

  7. Mellllzy

    As useless as nipples on a breastplate.

  8. I read that she is so proud of her post-delivery weight loss that she wants everyone to see how good she looks. Hence, I have a feeling Beyonce will be making an appearance in Playboy within the next year.

    • Freebie

      Her post-delivery weight loss consisted of removing a pillow under her dress.

    • Yeah, imagine how hard it must have been with personal nutritionists, cooks, food deliverers, personal trainers, laser skin treatments and $500 creams for the stretch marks, nannies to watch the kid while you sleep and work out … if anyone deserves to brag about such things, it’s multimillionaires.

  9. Rico

    Hope you all know those aren’t her nipples

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