1. “Gads! This exercise truly sets our tooth on edge!”

  2. Is that what the English mean by a “balls-up”?

  3. Obviously it’s not the first time he’s juggled balls with his feet while laying on his back.

  4. Invictus Wounded Warrior Games? Are you telling me those three just got smoked by some cripples in a game of dodge ball?

  5. Prince Harry displays his copperbox.

  6. Looks like someone had Mexican food for the first time in their life.

  7. “OK….drop and give me 20!”

    *it’s alive!*

  8. Is this another film preview of ‘Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Undead’?

  9. Harry is performing a PG rated re-enactment of his night in Vegas.

  10. “Okay, It’s starting to come out … GET A MATCH!!”

  11. BlackManUSA

    “HAHAHA!!! And then I said ‘It’s me William.’ Then I got her pregnant, I did. HAHAHAHA.”

  12. You’re right! My farts come out so much easier this way!

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