1. Zombie Kitty

    Start the party! The tranny hooker has arrived!!! Yippeeeeeeeeee

  2. polk

    What a drag it is getting old. She’s looking very Faye Dunaway-ish.

  3. This is the least lifelike Lenin impression yet.

  4. My basic instinct would be to flee…

  5. brizo

    Are you sure this wasn’t from his 40th birthday?

  6. Bucky Barnes

    “I’m old as fuck but I’m still hotter than Goldie Hawn, so THERE!”

  7. Well at least she didn’t show an upskirt shot.

  8. Arzach

    For a woman her age she looks great, that’s why I don’t date women her age.

  9. Cock Dr

    Kudos for effort & staying tight.
    The dress is a little ridiculous. How old is she, 60?

  10. Daemon8666

    The only thing sagging worse than her tits thankfully wasn’t photographed that night.

  11. Go rough young man

    Ice crystals from yesterday are melting slowly for some reason, not sure if this is part of some witchcraft or something. Just reporting.

  12. Someone tell grandma she forgot to wear a bra again.

  13. This is what Madonna would look like if she stopped drinking the blood of those adopted babies.

  14. The Critical Crassness

    Amazing what a good makeup artist, an airbrush and some spray paint can do with a cadaver….she almost looks life-like!

  15. Whatever

    Somebody needs some SUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  16. Pete

    I like Courtney Love, but if I was one of those TSA guys at LAX with the rubber gloves, I’d go on break if I saw her coming.

  17. friendlyfires

    You can leave your hat on … and your dress … and your coat … could you wear this Kirsten Dunst mask while we’re at it?

  18. **30 years from now** “Robert Pattinson, this is your life….”

  19. Double D

    I’d do her. Granted, I’m a necropheliac.

  20. No, son, this is not a boner; this is my age showing.

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