1. Matty

    God, if she looks this hammered arriving for the party she must have hit “Lohan” by the time it was over.

  2. annie from fremantle

    “My ears, like… used to be here, till I sold em for some uh, weed”

  3. Storm

    There’s nothing classier than showing up to a party shit-faced and wearing a shoelace for a belt.

  4. “Guys keep telling me they’ll do me if I’m wearing a bag….”

  5. Bucky Barnes

    Evidently a black tie affair.

  6. Paparazzi


  7. Cock Dr

    Looks like yet another awesome party fashion event.
    Stoned as hell, but not bad. That dress looks like a decent ass disguise.

  8. Daemon8666

    “No honey, we said you COULD look hot in a burlap sack, not that you should try it!”

  9. Your Gynecologist

    Is that her mini-van?

  10. hello

    Funny Farm Couture.

  11. “Hold on…hold on, it looks cuter when I’m not wearing my glasses.”

  12. The Critical Crassness

    Here Mischa Barton models a “tarp dress” from the Olsen Twins’ new “Camping Chic” line of couture.

  13. Garbage goes into a garbage bag, so…

  14. DKNY

    They have sack races at these events? Why wasn’t I invited?!

  15. friendlyfires

    I got pre-drunk for the party – where’s the hamburger?

  16. Pragmatically speaking, when you know you’re going to be dropped on a curb somewhere in the morning wearing a trash bag just makes sense.

  17. Elle

    “You mean you wanted me to wear the bag over my head? Like this? And the string was supposed to go where? Bring me more cra-I mean, vodka and we’ll talk.”

  18. MisterSuccint

    When is she legally changing her name to “MischaTM”?

  19. KayKay

    Laundry day….granny said I could borrow her giant granny panties

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