1. Deacon Jones

    Does this car door make my ass look big?

  2. Jennifer Love Hewjass nees to stop getting photographed from any angle than the front…and above the neck…and below the waste…yes, I know what I wrote and I mean it.

  3. Bucky Barnes

    “Will somebody please tell me when my ass is all the way out of the car so I can close the door?”

  4. Deryn

    Ugh, that color!

  5. after getting disgusted with her roles in the acting industry. Jennifer Love Hewitt is now becoming a full figured Statue of Liberty performer in NYC.

  6. Your Gynecologist

    Just get a bunch of cats and get it over with.

  7. Satan's bitch

    “What? I’m in my robe again?! Oh, silly silly silly me.”

  8. Cock Dr

    Someone should pay her to wear sunglasses.

  9. youcandieNOW

    Please tell me she’s playing a pioneer woman in a made for TV movie and she’s still in costume.

  10. Daemon8666

    She’s buying a hatchback so she doesn’t have to let that ass hang out the door when she drives.

  11. Damn. Is she aging in dog years? Old lady hands, the face of a fifty year old. I actually looked up her age after looking at this picture. Anybody can get fat but how the hell do you look that old at 31 without being on the Lindsay diet?

    And JLH clearly isn’t on any diet.

  12. KC

    Yes, that makes your ass look fat. Everything makes your ass look fat. You have a fat ass.

  13. KC

    Yes, that _blank_ makes your ass look fat. Everything makes your ass look fat. You have a fat ass.

  14. Lulu

    Tharr she blows.. we call that one a Beluga.

  15. The Critical Crassness

    This chick is 5’2″ maybe.If she didn’t have a large butt, she would perpetually be falling on her face because of her tits over-balancing the rest of her.

  16. JayJay

    It looks like she has given up on getting married or having kids and is now well on her way towards crazy cat lady.

  17. Double D

    You can see her panty lines… or circus tent lines.

  18. JosieBelle

    In a desperate move to salvage her career, Jennifer Love Hewitt will be joining the cast of “Sister Wives”.

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