1. Afterwords, he was quoted as saying “wonder what? who? I don’t know what you’re talking about, did you see the fake titties on that skank??”

  2. The Laughing G-D

    “Just a little closer… a little closer… there… she touched my penis, and that’s how I am gonna tell it.”

  3. Colin

    The good thing about fat nerds is they can’t poke you with their boners. It just pokes the back of their belly fat.

  4. Bucky Barnes

    “What is that poking my leg?”
    Now we know why they gave her long pants.

  5. You can all shut the hell up, SHE asked ME to take a picture with HER because she knows I have wicked nunchuck skills.

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Adrianne: “Does this Hobbit make my ass look fat?”

  7. Daemon8666

    Careful, things didn’t go so well for the last girl Fred Durst took pictures with.

  8. KC

    Nice white stars on your costume. There are no white sta… oh holy hell!!

  9. Never mind the boobs, is that her real face?

  10. mr. sweden

    Looks like Jesse James let himself go.

  11. That will be Photoshopped into porn starring himself.

  12. “The restraining order says ‘no-no’, but her eyes say ‘yes-yes’.”

  13. Double D

    Put the lasso of truth around him and he’ll be forced to admit he spoogied in his pants.

  14. Assman

    Thanks honey, now can you turn around, so I can get a picture of me with your ass?

  15. chainsawbuzzkill

    I tried to brush the dirt off my computer screen because it was making it look like she has weird eyebrows. Turns out there was no dirt on my screen.

  16. The caption should have read, “Wonder Woman star Adrianne Palicki posing with _the_ fan in Hollywood.” Or anywhere, for that matter.

  17. KayKay

    The show didnt even air yet and there are already fans? pfffft ….

  18. Wow, Phil Collins has really let himself go now.

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