1. does she have cancer, or is she just getting uglier?

  2. eab74

    The transformation must not be complete b/c she hasn’t combusted in the sun

  3. Garrett

    “I was in movies once… and there were shirts with sleeves and all.”

  4. First Lindsay, now Kristen…does everyone in Hollywood look like McCaulay Culkin under their makeup?

  5. “keep away from me. one false move and i will give you a blow job.”

  6. AC

    “How I Learned to Love TO Bomb”

  7. Haji

    Guess where I had this bottle? Now you must drink.

  8. JayJay

    Glad to see Frankie Muniz is doing well since wrapping up Malcolm in the Middle…

  9. friendlyfires

    You can take the girl out of Point Pleasant, NJ but you really shouldn’t ….

  10. Good to see Stewie Griffin’s finally growing up.

  11. Wish she didn’t dress down all the time, she has some pretty sweet tits

  12. “Wet dress scene in Spiderman!”
    “Wet dress scene in Spiderman!”
    “Wet dress scene in Spiderman!”
    (Keep repeating until it goes away)

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