1. Jill_Ess

    Didn’t she just give birth, like, yesterday? Damn.

    • yep the third vs chick in here in a day whose body snapped right back into place. surprised she’s not being compared to a 12 yo boy, who btw if one looked like this i’d turn bi

  2. They should call her Mirada Brrrr…because that’s the noise I’d make between her boobs.

  3. polk

    I bet she’s tighter than a snare drum. (I assume she preserved her godly temple and ripped that baby out of an incision)

  4. Ksurfiws

    One Snake Skin Tampon – Used

  5. Daemon8666

    Having gone through this already, I need to say you guys need to work on your photo arrangement. This should NOT be the first picture, this should be a reward for sitting through the rest of the crap posted. I’d say it’s all downhill from here, but that implies an incline and not a straight drop.

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