1. I almost fainted upon first seeing this. It’s almost too much hotness for one picture.

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Here’s my idea. If instead of fashion photography we just photoshopped Jean Shrimpton’s head on to pictures of different dresses women like this would soon get pretty desperate. Me? Another Gandhi or Einstein? Ah, stop.

  3. Blech

    Miranda looks very excited here…

  4. El Jefe

    If you win the Mega Millions tomorrow, this is how your life could look like every day too.

  5. Cock Dr

    I hope the menfolk don’t hurt themselves too badly over these shots.

  6. bonerspunk

    Let us fap!

  7. They just launched something in my pants, too.

  8. I am continually amazed and pleased that there are women this beautiful on this earth.

  9. MZ/X

    They must have worn insect repellent to escape the hands of Michael Bay unfelt.

  10. cc

    Planet earth. The only thing in common between this photoshoot and my college.

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