1. Richard McBeef

    Damnit, now I have to find a new place to dump the dismembered bodies of her sisters.

  2. Jiminy Cryptic

    Corey Feldman will be jealous.

  3. JC

    I always thought The Snorks were underrated.

  4. Pebbles Flintstone, circa 2012

  5. Blech

    She only looks about 32 here.

  6. pygmyelephant

    This is what happens when you try too hard.

  7. Lala

    Eww.. she looks like an out of space alien

  8. “Damn, all I said was Kim deserved the flour bomb, and they leave me out here…???”

  9. EricLr

    Well, looks like she made it as far as Arizona before Kris caught her this time.

  10. Dashwood

    “having my hair like this makes it hurt less when my mom drags me around and tells me what to do to feed her fame-whore habit.”

  11. MarkM

    But Kim told me that if I was filmed with a big, black thing dangling in front of my face that I would become famous!

  12. This is “St. Louis Gateway Arch” from the 2013 The Kardashians Salute American Landmarks calendar. Kim’s tribute to the Grand Canyon—yeah, it’s exactly what you think it is.

  13. The Pope

    Ahh, Tatooine. She must be looking for Khloe.

  14. DeucePickle

    Aww, but I was going to go to Rodeo Station to get the new Gucci power converters !

  15. CranAppleSnapple

    She wants the role of Penis Hair in the Xanadu remake.

  16. Bastion

    If that’s the most you can spread your legs there’s going to be trouble.

  17. Joe

    Honey, you’ll learn: the black thing goes IN your mouth, not next to it.

  18. cagster

    Looks like it could be a Star Wars set. Where’s the wookie?

  19. mando

    More interested in the Joshua Trees.

  20. mbcl

    the first image sent from the mars rover

  21. Viewer

    Looking like a fool in the desert does not a model make.

  22. I see Lamar is doing her hair again

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