1. dontkillthemessenger

    That dress is performing a JESUS CHRIST-level miracle.

  2. What the? How is she looking so good lately?

  3. “See guys!! I TOLD you! I told you there was a Big Lebowski sequel! And they all said I was lying.”

  4. neo_v

    I’m telling you, they cloned her from about 10 years ago – only explanation

  5. your mom

    mmmmmm…… bacon.

  6. Blech

    Are those Nicorette patches on her areolae?

  7. El Jefe

    Tara Reid thanks god that she can stave off becoming a prostitute for some Arab sheik in the Middle East for one more year thanks to this movie.

  8. To show the rest of the cast and crew just how loyal she is, Tara is now referring to her vagina as “American Pie, Too.”

  9. Photographer 1: Der fräulein looks guten here. Are you sure zis is Der Tittentragödie?
    Photographer 2: Ja, I am sure. Do not ask me how I am sure…but I am sure.

  10. tlmck

    Some women look best fully clothed.

  11. ASmallFry

    How is it that her rock hard tits look better than the rest of her castmates combined?

  12. Here’s the full cutaway:

  13. Imagine the hydraulic pressure required to get those titties that close together.

  14. Anyone see the clip of her on a tour bus when she gets smacked in the head with a tree branch? Her finest moment on film. Hands down,

  15. Damn, she is so SEXY!! I really hope she she pulls herself together and makes some kind of comeback. She’s pretty.

  16. bernard

    this is the correct way to serve meatloaf

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