1. Apparently rising above hate requires you to turn into a woosy..


  3. Blech

    Holy… For a second there I thought that the top word was “Piss”. Everything would have been alright with the world if that were the case because this guy obviously enjoys golden showers.

  4. He’s really going to make a mess of those jorts doing that.

  5. “I WON’T–I WON’T–I WON’T let him win!”

  6. krunchyfrog

    “Lion face.”
    “Lemon face.”
    “Break it down.”

  7. The Pope

    I’d probably cower in fear like that too if some gigantic guy stood over me like that.

  8. Contusion

    Nice hemmed jean shorts.

  9. Grand Poobah

    I think I just shat myself.

  10. Grand Poobah

    Looks like Jesse James with a bad attack of hemorrhoids

  11. If he’s trying to blow those hideous shorts off his body, he’s going to have to push harder than that

  12. Bill in SA

    I wonder how much those invisible weight way?

  13. This man is the primary reason the WWE sucks these days.

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