1. “Yes. This is the face Hayden Christensen was making right before he got the part.”

  2. Tobes of Hades

    “Hey George, give us your best Wookie Hoth Moan!”

  3. Frank Burns

    Kenny Rogers has really let himself go.

  4. “Pardon me, guys, I’m off to go make several independent low-budget films like I’ve always talked about. Or digitally tweak Star Wars again. Either one of the two…”

  5. Good afternoon, Mr. Goiter.

  6. Alex

    “That son of a bitch went to the bottom of the ocean?”

  7. Bobu

    Billionaire motherfucker

  8. “Lucas, I am your faaaaa-therrr.”

  9. EricLr

    I wonder if he’s off to rape American Graffiti next.

  10. “They took Phantom Menace 3D out of the theater already? Aiiiieeee! Ohmigod—that’s an even BETTER Krayt Dragon call! Quick, back to the ranch!”

  11. MarkM

    What the?!? A parking ticket? Looks like I’ll have to release Star Wars AGAIN to pay for this!

  12. The Pope

    I hope to god that he’s on his way to the dentist.

  13. DeucePickle

    I finally got my teeth to look the way i always envisioned them to look. Technology wouldn’t allow it in the late 70s.

  14. Cliff Scheckelman

    plaid shirts?

  15. journalschism

    No, the Wookie cry of anguish is more like this: Aaaarrrrrgh. More empathy, less scary.

  16. flatspottin'

    “Fuck TMNT HAHAHA”

  17. Joe

    Meesa wonders howsa I can fucksa up everyone’s favorite movies onesa more time.

  18. MRF

    The world laughed when I said I was going to stage a Jar-Jar Binks musical.

  19. Senator Dirtpants

    The only thing missing from this picture? One of Kim Kardashian’s “black microphones”

  20. tlmck

    Hey Kenny! When’s that next Gambler remake coming out?

  21. MZ/X

    Shut Up!! The prequels are a classic and if it takes me a 1000 changes I’ll turn them into one.

  22. Grand Poobah

    I smell another shitty star wars sequel or thousand part bazzillogy coming on~!

  23. ” How can a bunch of intergalactic teddy bears take down an imperial army you ask?” “Just watch how I blew the ending to the 1st trilogy and you’ll see”

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