1. dontkillthemessenger

    I don’t even know what to say anymore. This guy is starting to surpass Jared Leto-levels of douchiness.

  2. Only cripples and three year-olds ride trikes.

  3. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    Joan Rivers, what are you doing?

  4. Jiminy Cryptic

    Next stop The Scooter Store.

  5. Richard McBeef

    he sucks so bad now that it even makes sweet emotion and dream on suck in the past.

  6. your mom

    what an asshole

  7. Alex

    That little bitch never could ride a real chopper.

    • t t

      whats your definition of a real chopper? let me guess, you’re a fan of OCC aren’t ya? Bet you couldn’t ride that trike with no front brake and suicide shift. Indian Larry is a legend, don’t forget that. death to false bikers.

  8. he can only go 10 MPH with his mouth open.

  9. catapostrophe

    This picture is amazing, regardless.

  10. El Jefe

    If he could not sing he would be a homeless man sleeping under a bridge and begging people for change in the subway.

  11. it had to be said

    Notice he’s not wearing a helmet so there’s still hope this national nightmare could end.

  12. Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians Hall of Famer.

  13. I'mCool

    It’s like a Saturday morning cartoon come to life.

  14. The fuckers not wearing a brain-bucket. Give the s.o.b. a fucking ticket!

  15. mimi

    Animal looks like he’s late for his show with Dr.Teeth and the Electric mayhem

  16. Well, now we know what happened to Mila Kunis’s “Jaded” wardrobe.

  17. monkeylaughter

    Grandpa escaped from the nursing home again!

  18. DeucePickle

    Goggles seem pretty unnecessary for riding a tricycle 3 miles per hour.

  19. Bantam

    Aging gracefully.

  20. Bastion

    On tricycles no one can hear you scream.

  21. hmm

    gramma got ran over by a taxi..

  22. MRF

    Yes, this is exactly how I pictured it.

  23. cagster

    I guess today was not the day that Tyler learned long fashion scarves and bikes do not go together….I can wait…

  24. navvet

    I’m waiting for that Isadore Duncan moment ( car scarf wheel snaaaaap)

  25. ToeJam

    So glad he has his feet covered up!!! Has everyone seen his toes???? They are so F…ing gross!!! TMZ always posts pictures of his feet and he paints his toe nails to draw attention to his narly ass mangled toes!!! they are on top of each other and curly. With all the money he has and surgerys he’s had, it’s beyond me why he doesn’t have his toes fixed!!! GROSS!!! Totally sucked out his sexyiness for me, thats for sure!!!

  26. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney World has just lost a customer.

  27. mando

    Aww looks he thinks he is going fast.

  28. It’s as if some asshole cricket turned Animal from the Muppets into a real boy.

  29. tlmck

    The only thing he is capable of mounting these days.

  30. Contusion

    Excuse me Mr. Tyler…we need you to walk this way.

  31. mbcl

    “Alright ….who took the seat off this thing ?!”

  32. Grand Poobah

    coco has one of these for just her ass…….

  33. Grand Poobah

    all I see is a portable douchebag in this picture

  34. Grand Poobah

    When he grows up, he will get two wheels

  35. Grand Poobah

    you know your old when you are driving a bike with a gas pedal

  36. Grand Poobah

    big wheel is in the house-NOT

  37. cc

    He is due for an Isadora Duncan special.

  38. He uses his mouth as a parachute to slow himself down.

  39. WTF is Phylis Diller doing on a trike?!?

  40. Bill in SA

    I like how he is going grey ever so slowly a few bangs at a time.

  41. Bigalkie

    What a woman

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