1. dontkillthemessenger

    The Ice Queen rejects all human affection. And yet you married her anyway.

  2. electricgrl

    Yep, he smells as bad as he looks

  3. She doesn’t mind the affection. The look on her face is because he snotted in her ear.

  4. Do_Freebird

    She’s married? Poor mother fucker.

  5. EricLr

    The insurance company has already warned him that if he gets his lips frozen to that again, they’re not covering it.

  6. “I’m sick of looking at that zit under your ear…wait, I’ll get it.”

  7. Blech

    I think what she’s trying to tell us all here is… that she’s already done moisturized her face. No need to grease it any more…

  8. El Jefe

    That pretty much confirms how I believe she is in relationships and in bed. You know that bitch never give blow jobs.

  9. Internet

    Gheorghe Mureșan

  10. hmm

    what happened to that asian baby of theirs? did they return it?

  11. Her husband must be French.

  12. mando

    Is she just like the characters she played in movies or what?

  13. cc

    Well, I can tell you the bright green bike with the pink stuffed animal isn’t hers…far too whimsical and cheery.

  14. “Hold on……It’s almost in…”

  15. jeffiner

    wow, what a messed up picture.

  16. Why is a woman who is so attractive (physically), so off putting in every other way. She and Katy Perry boogle my mind. So pretty (with pounds of makeup on), yet so meh.

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