1. dontkillthemessenger

    The old “step in front of the car and get hit” moneygrab… why doesn’t she just get a job? I’m sure her resume is full of Academy Award winning work.

  2. Ahhh the ol’ “Suck in the camel toe by singing” move… Well played Jesse Spano…

  3. electricgrl

    I’m a dancer!

  4. “Hurry up and bring the car around so I can eat all this food. I’M STARVING!!!!”

  5. Blech

    Pretty sure her camel toe is trying to eat her Chinese take-out.

  6. Alex

    “Caffeine pills!”

  7. “I’m So Excited, I’m So Excited, I’m So…knocked up”

  8. El Jefe

    Wanna bet she tries to top the whole feeding your kid like a bird thing?

  9. I’d make some Showgirls blowjob joke here, but I never actually saw the movie. Don’t make me rent it.

    • Dude, I’ve seen it like 30 times, at least. It is an epic tale about the class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie – the plight of one girl to rise above her station in life and take her place amongst the stars.

      Actually, she mispronounces Versace, makes out with Gina Gershon and shows her tits. So, it’s kind of a wash.

    • It’s worth seeing just for Gina Gershon’s mouth.

  10. CranAppleSnapple

    The old *hide your pregnancy behind a paper sack routine*, or failing that, hide it behind an SUV.

  11. MarkM

    Help! Help! Could somebody Help me? Somebody stole my notoriety!

  12. DeucePickle

    Yes, all those Funyuns are mine. Put them next to that case of corn dogs and let’s go !

  13. fartbucket

    Alright get those preggo boobs in the pool for that Showgirls scene reshoot. This NEEDS to happen!

  14. Senator Dirtpants

    And to think I used to jack it to this cow…

  15. Listen Elizabeth, it doesn’t matter that you got them to put it in a plain brown paper bag, I’m pretty sure there’s a jumbo bucket of KFC in there. Call it a hunch.

  16. mando

    She played a dancer, I wonder why she stopped.

  17. tlmck

    Distracted, Elizabeth steps off the curb not realizing Lindsay is behind the wheel of the black car.

  18. cc

    Look these Twinkies aren’t for me, they are for my baby!

  19. “YES! YES! It was ME!” “I F@#$%@ Screech in the janitors closet!!!” “OKAY?!?” “I ADMIT IT!!!”

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