1. Tiggles

    Who are these people? Are you stealing random vacation photos off the net now for the galleries?

  2. Once upon a time a young girl was asked by her plastic surgeon if she wanted her breast implants to look natural. She said “no”.

  3. Skippy86

    Awkward moment when the guy is the prettiest one in the group

  4. It looks like her tits are trying to gt away from her breath.

  5. If that guy on the right is straight, then I’m not going to play Bioshock Infinite this weekend. ON WEED.

  6. Cock Dr

    The one with the tongue and the chest basketballs is the one you want to bring to the bachelor party….unless it’s 2 men getting married…then you would bring the boy on the end.

  7. I thought this was the wrap party for Smash.

  8. That is one unfortunate collection of breasts.

  9. You added an errant “r” in the guys name.

  10. And not a fuck was given that night.

  11. That blond one looks interesting, despite her unfortunate chest.

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I see a gunt, a butchered chest, a horrible thigh tatt and… someone who wouldn’t touch any of the 3, even if given the chance for free.

  13. The Rise of the Frankenboob : How the BoltOn 2000 Revolutionized Cosmetic Surgery.

  14. UGH!!! That refund gap is horrendous!!!

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