1. Skippy86

    ” No.. no.. no.. smash your head into the board before you complete the somersault”

  2. If Louganis wasn’t gay before, having to look at Nicole Eggert in a tight one-piece every day would have done the job.

  3. I thought Louganis died of AIDS. No, really.

  4. No ma’am, for the 10th time, I do not want “Eggert on my face”.

  5. diego

    “For the hundredth time, Nicole: I’m not going to give you AIDS just so you can ‘rock your Baywatch bikini again.’”

  6. Greg Lubedanus and Nicole Eggfart making a comback.

  7. Rick

    Oh, she’s not so bad for an ol’ gal. At least she’s not in Kardashian territory.

  8. The producers told me to tell you “Tits or GTFO.”

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